Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Testing Michelangelo

Before it got dark last night, the mother tried the Rustoleum paint we bought on one of the ceiling samples we received. (This is the pattern we ended up buying, too.)

Initial result was good, though the mother later said that hours later it was still tacky. "This isn't going to work," she announced last night. "We'll have to find some other paint." This was disappointing, considering that we already had been unable to purchase our first choice, Behr's Luminoso line's silver.

Then, this morning, she decided that it was the increased humidity that probably affected the drying time so dramatically. "This turned out pretty good."

I think it turned out good, too. If you didn't know this was poly styrene, would you think it was metal? I would.

In fairness, it really isn't paint weather right now. Too much rain and too much humidity. That's in part why the shed is such a priority.

I've wanted to get it done so that when paint weather does finally get here, it's already ready to paint.

But back to the ceiling ... I am quite pleased with it overall. I need to take down the textured wallpaper (in a tintype pattern) that is on the bathroom ceiling right now and then prime the ceiling.

The mother wants to paint the panels for the bathroom ceiling an antique white to match the main color in the rest of the bathroom. I'm thinking they would look cool black. But that's an argument for another post.

Right now, I need to start getting things ready for tomorrow when it's back to the grind. It was a good vacation overall with a good mix of work and play. I already need to start planning for the next round of it as there is plenty to do!


cd said...

I bought a panel with the same design already painted at Lowes's. I have an extra piece if you want to see the color. They had 4 or 5 to choose from. They house them in the Kitchen countertop area. Might save the Mother some time so she can paint the fixture. I vote yeah on the black ceiling.

NV said...

cd -- We considered those. However, as many as I'd need and the size those are, I made out like a bandit on the ones I bought. She'll only need to pain about a dozen of them for the kitchen. (These are 2x4 sheets. The pre-painted ones are 2x2 or 2x3 at most and cost $7 more for each one.)

Why S? said...

I love the painted sample. That's going to look fab. I considered that for my kitchen too but there's already a lot of visual action in there and it's a tiny, tiny kitchen. I didn't want to put in everything I like just because I liked it.

elaine said...

Yes, yes it HAS been much too long. Happy spring to you, the Mom, and the furry folks.

Loooooove the silver. Don't be surprised if you see us totally ripping you off and putting the exact same thing in our front room.

NV said...

Why -- Thanks! We're pretty excited about it.

NV said...

Elaine -- Thanks! I wouldn't feel ripped off at all. Part of the beauty of houseblogging is seeing things that you can do, too!