Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Gettin' There

I wish I had a dime for every time I've either heard that phrase from the mother or uttered it myself. We say it all the time as a kind of soothing mantra when projects take longer than expected or are otherwise frustrating.

Let's just say that it was a popular phrase around here today.

The good news is that the kitchen ceiling is almost done! I can't wait to get it finished. It is amazingly different. While I've gotten used to the bathroom, the kitchen is going to take a little longer. The mother is very pleased with it and she's anxious to see it with the trim in place. (That's a Lawrence job for next weekend)

My first task of the day was to try and find some boxes so that we could start clearing out the kitchen. There are five shelves in the kitchen that go around the soffit and end above the window. They are chock full of a variety of knick-knacks of the mother's.

The vast majority of them are glass. They had to be wrapped and packed. Then, there is a collection of copper, some of which will be repainted silver. Those things to be repainted were put in another box. A third box is filled with Americana pieces other than glass.

These are just a few (these are the smallest of the shelves) of the things that had to be packed before the kitchen ceiling work could even begin.

But I finally did get started on the ceiling. It was a challenge from the start, but it finally got a little momentum. It's a job I hope to wrap up later today. I'm glad I took some "before" shots of the kitchen a week or so ago.

It already is changing and by this time next month, it will be a very different place.


Why S? said...

Ooh! That really is a lot of knick-knacks! Good luck with the wrapping and packing. I just opened a box of stuff last night that had been wrapped in husband's socks and underwear (CK). I swear, I have no idea why. Well, the elastic has all gone bad after six years, so that was some pricey wrapping.

Karen Anne said...

Why S, that reminds me of when I took a look at pairs of business shoes I had carefully packed away from the days when I wore heels to work and wasn't vegan, eons ago. Hint, leather does not last forever :-)

NV said...

Why -- It surely is, but the mother promises to scale it back. We'll see.

Karenanne -- Yeah, I'm not a huge heel fan, but I do wear them occasionally. If I travel, I always pack walkin' shoes, too.

Anonymous said...