Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Dangerous Discovery

I made the most amazing discovery last night. But there are some things that the world is a safer place for me without.

Amazing? Dangerous? I’ll let you be the judge. This is my discovery:

You can watch entire episodes of HGTV’s Carter Can right freakin here! One episode is titled “Carter in the Kitchen.” I am in SO much trouble here, folks.

Don't have time to watch a whole show? You can get a quick eyeful here. There's a series of short videos. That's a good thing.

Oh. My. God. I may never get another thing done ever again – online or off.


Jayne said...

Oh my! I think you have just saved me from terminal boredom. It's been a lonnnnnng night already at the fire station, and I have nine hours left on my shift. Wonder how many episodes there are....

Renovation Therapy said...

It's 5:06AM. Now I will surely NOT get back to sleep.

Ty'sMommy said...

OH. MY. GOD. We're never going to hear from NV again!!! lol

NV said...

Jayne -- We always try to help! :-)

RenoTh-- There are worse things to keep you awake, right?

Ty'sMom -- Isn't he something?

Anonymous said...