Friday, February 6, 2009

The Game Plan

It’s actually not too bad this morning – a balmy 32 degrees. We’re supposedly heading for 59 today!

They said 62 for tomorrow but for both today and tomorrow, we’ll be getting some funky winds. And starting tomorrow night, we’re in for several days of rain. Great. Oh well. It’s better than it being 20 degrees or lower every day.

I did some measuring, pricing and head-shaking last night after which the mother and I decided how to proceed with The Michelangelo Project. That said, it’s getting put on a back burner – for now. We had a long discussion about my concerns and we’re in agreement to focus on the basement and the bedrooms in the immediate future and take a “wait and see” approach to everything else. (Pretty much what I outlined in last night's post.)

She wants to get some of these projects done as badly as I do, so it was a heavy-hearted experience to have to talk about putting them off. Oh well. Consider it another season or two of life for the blog.

It isn’t like we don’t have anything to do in the meantime. And, thankfully, I already bought 90 percent of what’s needed to wrap up outside, so that won’t require any really significant investment to complete. We’ve even still got a good 12-14 weeks before I can think about starting on that, too, as I want to be into much warmer weather first.

And, at least before things started to get too ugly with the economy, we got an awful lot done last year. That’s a good thing, too. Frankly, I’m not that anxious to start on much of anything. I’m finally starting to emerge from “the plague” and work has been kickin’ my butt this week. But that is a good thing. So I guess it’s just rest up, rock steady, and roll on.

Right now, we still don’t have a car. Jim called yesterday and said that he was trying to find something with a schematic to identify the path of all the wiring as it appears that the seatbelt motor isn’t getting any power. Way over my head, so more power to him – literally. It doesn’t sound like this is going to be easy or cheap.

But then a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, combined with the extra insurance costs for points against my license wouldn’t be either, right?

In any case, I need to pick it back up tonight as we’ll need things this weekend. So, here’s hoping for good news on that front.

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