Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Super Bowl Prediction

I'm shocked by the things I remember sometimes, or more correctly, by the things that trigger them.

I was confirmed on Super Bowl Sunday. My beloved Cowboys were playing that year and I'll always remember the parting words our archbishop uttered at the end of his homily: "On Super Bowl Sunday, how could I not leave you with a Super Bowl prediction? Dallas by 10." There were a few boos, but people mostly laughed and applauded.

Dallas actually won by 17, beating the Denver Broncos 27-10. I hadn't thought about my confirmation in an eon. I only thought of it while watching a report on Super Bowl commercials a little while ago. That was a damn strange train of thought!

I probably won't watch it, or much of it. But I'm going to make a prediction anyway: the Cardinals by 3.

I think that's wishful thinking on my part, but I can't help myself. I've hated the Cardinals ever since Bill Bidwell took them to the southwest. I grew up rooting for them except, on those rare occasions, when they played the Cowboys. Then my local loyalty always fell by the wayside.

As a Cowboys fan, I have ALWAYS hated the Steelers. ALWAYS. So there is no way I could root for them now. Besides, I'm proud that Kurt Warner could thumb his nose at the Rams because I thought he got a raw deal. He'll be wrapping up his career in the not so distant future, so for him, I hope he can take it out on a winning note. So, that is more than enough for me to set aside my years of hatred of the Cardinals.

I think that he and his wife, Brenda, are great people. Good old workin' stiffs who managed to hit it big -- and never forgot where they came from. (They recently sent about 80,000 coats to the St. Louis area as part of their Warner's WarmUp program. Never mind they don't live here anymore.)



Dee said...

Yeah, Warner love abolutely overrides Cardinals hatred.

MonkeyGirl said...

I have to root for them because deep down, they are still "our" team - go Cards!

Jamie said...

Stumbled across your blog just now and had to say that I'm a die hard Steelers fan! I've never ever met anyone who hates the Steelers.

NV said...

Dee -- Yeah, sadly he didn't get his victory.

MG -- Yeah. I've still never taken a true shine to the Rams. I root for them, but it's half-hearted.

Jamie -- No offense intended. Hatred in just the clearest since of heavy rivalry. You'll find plenty of folks here who "hate" the Steelers -- and the Cowboys and Cardinals, too. Hell, lots of people here hate the Rams!

Vicki said...

We were rooting for the Cardinals because of Kurt Warner. They are outstanding people (he and his wife). That was such a good game, a nail biter all the way. Hope you got to watch some of it!

NV said...

V -- Yeah, I was sad for him. They were SO very close!

Anonymous said...