Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Glorius Day!

It was absolutely glorious outside today. Not at all a typical day in St. Louis in February. When I went to grab lunch, it was already in the upper 50s.

Later, when I saw it was 65, I had to take a little walk. I needed to soak it in and savor it, keep it in my being like camels do water because, you know, it may snow Saturday. Seriously. And it got up to at least 70 today. Why can’t Ole Man Winter just die already?

Lunch was free by the way – thanks to Fred over at One Project Closer who blogged about Quizno’s efforts to give away 1 million subs. I had a honey bourbon chicken on wheat that tasted all the better because it was free. Thanks, Fred! If you’re interested in getting a free sub, you’d better hurry. They were near the halfway mark when I printed my coupon this morning. (they send it to you via email.)

Speaking of email, I got one last night letting me know that a package I am anxiously awaiting shipped out. It was in Phoenix and leaving for destination unknown this morning. According to tracking, I can expect to see it Monday.

While it's not DIY-specific, it will have a role to play on the blog. It’s safe to say you’ll be able to see and read all about it once it arrives!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED where you said, "I needed to soak it in and savor it, keep it in my being like camels do water because, you know, it may snow Saturday."

I'm in K.C. and had the same kind of feeling. I stepped outside for something, then immediately went back inside for the leaf blower because I just HAD to be outside doing something! For just a little bit, it felt like...spring!

I guess we'll both just have to bite the bullet for the next couple of months...:(

Vicki said...

It was beautiful down south today too. And thanks for the Quizno's deal! That's one dinner taken care of ;)

Katie @ said...

That's the worse part of this time of year. You think it's spring. Nope winter. spring.. nope...

NV said...

Star -- Glad you liked it! It really does reflect how I feel about the weather. I SO hate the cold.

V -- Glad you're having good weather, too. And thank Fred! He's the one who got me to it.

Katie -- Exactly right. February and March are SO schizo like that. :-)

Renovation Therapy said...

Ooh! Sounds exciting!

Karen Anne said...

I checked out the Quizno's website. Man, these people have never heard of vegetarians, have they :-)