Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where to Start

The week, very much like this month, is flying by. I mean, can you believe that February will be over in a matter of days? Seems like this year just got started and already nearly two months are gone.

Absolutely nothing has been done on the house either. That’s a little disheartening considering that by this time last year, we had already built a closet and run a gas line to the fireplace!
So, I’m going to see if this weekend we can pick up the pace. At least a little.

It may be something as simple as mudding and taping the family room ceiling and the area above the closet doors where the trim won’t quite cover the gap. From there, I might even get to put the trim up. I guess we’ll see.

It wouldn’t be major progress, but it would be a start.

I still don’t know what all is on the agenda for the rest of the year. (The mother has ADD when it comes to those kinds of decisions and, as a result, regularly changes her mind about which project or projects she sees as a priority as well as on the order in which they’re done.
I won’t be taking vacation before next month, so that precludes anything we can’t live without on a day-to-day basis. (Like redoing the bathroom, for example.)

One thing I would like to start as soon as the weather breaks is aligning the carport. For the past several years, it has started to sag to the point that it is quite noticeable. It not only looks bad, it’s probably not all that safe either. I’ve discussed a plan of action with Lawrence and he’s agreed to help but one never knows what his schedule is like.

And you can never rely on the weather. Last year, every time I got ready to start on the brickwork, it would rain. I had hoped to acquire all my materials throughout April and get under way by early May. I didn’t get to start until mid-June.

Here’s hoping for a relatively dry spring.