Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vignettes, Part 2

This falls straight into the category of “I wish I had a camera.”

Our ever resourceful bus driver, tired of the window that kept flopping open (and it’s not exactly warm outside either) and of her repeated maintenance reports being ignored, fixed the problem. She raided the first-aid kit and taped the window closed with THREE BAND-AIDS! We’ll see if it survives the trip home.

(It didn’t. It has popped open twice already. Maybe I should start carrying duct tape.)
UPDATE: Another lady and I were able to rig it and so far, it has stayed closed! Damn. This is like being at home. Do I have to fix everything?!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY! *happy dancing* It’s isn’t that I’m not grateful for all of the work that has come my way this month. I am. Truly, I am. I’m just incredibly tired. Wake me when it’s over, please.
I’m still having a hard time understanding how a tax cut can help you if you’re one of the people who was put out of work and has no income.
I’m encouraged by some of the energy efficiency provisions in the stimulus package giving you credit for things like energy efficient windows, insulation, and water heaters.

Weatherization is a good thing. It moves products. It saves energy. You spend less on your utility bill and that leaves you more money to spend elsewhere. At least that part of it is good all the way around.

Too bad they’re only for 2009 and 2010. Won’t help me with the new water heater I bought last year!


Karen Anne said...

I hope this isn't a duplicate post, my pc crashed when I was composing it..

I haven't yet found a detailed list of what's in the stimulus package, but there is supposedly stuff like extending unemployment benefits if one's state goes along, which I hear some Republican Governors are saying they may not. Also, helping with the cost of COBRA, which is hugely expensive.

The theory about tax cuts, as I understand it, is that people will spend money and that creates jobs making stuff and selling it. That sounds a bit too much like "trickle down" economics to me, which never seemed to work, but what do I know.

I am always glad to accept money :-) I think people like me on Social Security are supposed to get $250. I just wish I could see some light at the end of the economic tunnel in terms of the country's economic stability.

And I'd like to see us stabilize at a place where people act with financial sense like saving for a rainy day and there isn't the huge disparity where Wall Street people make a hundred million a year for nothing productive.

And we all restore nice little bungalows instead of plopping down McMansions in small neighborhoods :-)

Jayne said...

It doesn't help me with the attic insulation I put in last year, either! :( At least my utility bills are cheaper.

NV said...

Karen Anne -- I agree with you on the whole "trickle down" thing. It never worked for me during those Reagan years. I only saw my college financial aid dry up (what little there was), I had to borrow more money at a higher rate, and we bought a house at a ginorumous interest rate.

Here's hoping we can reach a happy medium!