Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ice Cold

Another busy day and another day where I’ve managed to lose something. Yes, another set of ear warmers! Can you believe it? Not the ones I just got, but still, fairly new.

I’m hoping they’re just laying around my office someplace. One thing is certain: I had them on when I arrived this morning. I know this because it was TEN FREAKIN’ DEGREES with a wind chill factor of -5 No one gave us a warning on this stuff. It’s only going to get into the 20s again tomorrow, and it was supposed to be 50-something. Now we’re talking half that.

So, here’s hoping I locate them in the morning.

Speaking of weather … well, why not? I’ve done little else most of the day! I’ve been talking to and emailing with reporters most of the day, in parts of the country hit by the ice storm last week, some of whom just got power back themselves. I was even able to commiserate with them, to a point. Our massive power outage was in the summer. Granted, 100-degree weather, but summer – not this crapola!

And speaking of being cold…this is giving something I bought for the house over the weekend a true work-out. If it is still performing well, I’ll definitely be buying more. Expect a review tomorrow.


MonkeyGirl said...

You need those clippy things that you attach to kids gloves so you stop losing those earmuffs! Of course, I lost mine once and searched everywhere for them. I finally found them behind my desk.

NV said...

MG -- I FOUND them! (On the floor under my desk. I was so happy!)
Still sharin' the brain on that one.