Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This D*mn Lawn

The moon was back again this morning. This time, it was full and bright in the morning sky, thumbing its nose at the rising sun. No ominous black cloud, just pure beauty. In fact, I could still see the moon for the first part of my commute, even as I began to glimpse the sun breaking through the morning sky.

Before the rain rolled in and began clouding up the sky, yesterday was also a beautiful day. Sunny and 71 degrees! Today is to be a repeat performance – minus the rain – with a high of 73. I will have to go out for a walk today as this is the last of it for a while. It’s day like this that help sustain me when it’s 30, 15, or 2 degrees.

Standing across the street, I got a good look at my lawn this morning. Or, I should say, the dead brown straw that appears to be passing for my lawn right now. Man, it looks awful. I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about mowing it yet, as we all know how much I love yard work. But still, it looks like some seriously bad carpet.

I need to get some weed and feed. However, the last time I used that stuff, it seemed like we had more dandelions than ever before. It was like it fed the weeds instead of the grass! I probably should do something to it though. I probably should already have done something to it, but you know I was a little busy last fall.

What do you do to treat your lawn? And when?


Karen Anne said...

Dandelions are purty, and if picked young before they get bitter, are free salad greens.

I have the organic lawn care guy do his thing. He comes out three times a year. What he uses, I have no recollection. His paperwork probably says, but I dunno where that is. I skipped him a couple of years, and the lawn looked awful. It has really improved since I hired him back.

At least one of the things is some corn-based thing that acts as a weed germination suppressor.

As an added bonus, my cousin who lives next door goes the conventional fertilizer route, and when we have a dry spell in the summer, my lawn looks much better than his (I never water the lawn, and he waters only when things are really dry. We have a high water table.)

Both of our lawns will get brown patches when it hasn't rained in a serious length of time, but mine are much smaller and come back when we get rain. He actually has to reseed sometimes.

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