Friday, February 20, 2009

Of Earworms and Other Amusements

Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy …
Thanks go out to KayO for having planted that little ditty in my ear last night with her post about a compilation CD she received from a vendor. It’s an earworm that has burrowed in and stayed there. Did it crawl into your ear now? I'm ready for it to leave mine.

The sun is already rising high in the sky. The days truly are getting longer. YAY! (For right now, it’s just an extra few minutes of light where I’ll have that damn song stuck in my head.)
It’s cold now (around 20) but headed for 50. It won’t stay that way, unfortunately. It’s going to be cold again tomorrow. But why do I care? I’m going to be inside all day, scrapbooking!

While I still don’t have everything together yet, I was looking to see just where I was in my book for 2006. Looks like I’ll be working on my second trip to NYC, my first two trips to the new Busch Stadium, the second of which feeds into the Blackout of 2006. Our lovely week in 100-degree heat with no electricity at This D*mn House.

And then, it’s onto this critter, the cat whose internal clock is in serious need of adjusting. Yes, that would be Toby. He had appeared in our yard, just a scrawny little thing, maybe 8-10 weeks old, about two weeks ahead of the hellacious storms.

He was SO funny last night. I would whistle and his head would promptly pop out of one of the holes in the cube. I had to see if I couldn’t snap a few pics of him.

He’s in his little vinyl cube, one of two that he owns. When they’re both popped up and attached together, it takes up a good chunk of the livingroom.
These aren’t the greatest photos, one, because I took them sans flash to avoid getting laserbeam eyes and two, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to settings because I had to hurry up and catch him while the gettin’ was good.


Jayne said...

Toby's so cute! My cats have those cubes and they really like popping in and out of them, too. Baby cat hasn't figured out yet that he can't stand on top of them. lol

NV said...

Jayne --thanks! I always say is that he's so cute is the only reason I haven't killed him yet.:-)
Toby forgets that he can easily tump his over. sometimes he rolls across the livingroom flipping it over.

Anonymous said...