Saturday, February 7, 2009

On An Excursion

For total clarity, if anyone read in my last post that I was actually planning to do all that – please reread. Total work of sarcasm. Or just read this and know that it was put out there to illustrate how crazy it sounds. No overnight family in my future, folks.

Wow! I just nearly had my arm pulled out of socket while opening the back storm door. Not sure how high the winds are gusting, but it’s pretty high.

The sun is out. It keeps drifting in and out of clouds but for right now at least, it’s out. There’s a chance of rain but since the next several days are set to be water-logged, here’s hoping it bypasses us. The really awesome news is that it got up to 66 yesterday and may well do it again today. The snow is all but completely gone now. Yippee skippy!

The mother and I are heading out for a while. I’m not sure what exactly the quest entails. See, she has this way of telling me she wants to go somewhere. She usually has a set plan in mind, but it’s never shared with me until we’re on the road. You’ve got to love it.

Yes, we can head out because I have the car back. It’s not fixed yet, mind you. I’ll be dropping it off again Monday morning. What’s so hilarious is that the poor thing is in pieces. The panel I took out last weekend is laying in the console. The back seat is not in place and it’s filled with other panel pieces. The driver side speaker is laying behind the seat. Poor Ladybird.

In the trunk, the upholstery is all pulled away and there’s these two electronic boxes laying there. So, loading and unloading is lots of fun. (I made a few stops on the way home last night.)
I’d better hop. I still need to get dressed, hit the bank and gas up. Here’s to a fun Saturday afternoon.


Jayne said...

It was such nice weather today, wasn't it? I'll watch the 10pm news to see if we broke any records here. All the snow in my back yard's melted! Hope you and the mother had a fun afternoon!

Why S? said...

Sarcasm? Really? And I was so looking forward to reading your next blog "These D*mn Kids."

good luck to the Ladybird.

Jamie said...

I do that very thing to my husband when I want him to come with me. If I tell him we are going to shop all day, he'll ruin it and stay home.

It really is evil trickery, but it works.

Hope that Ladybird (cute name, btw) gets herself together soon.

NV said...

Jayne -- Nothing short of fab, wasn't it? We did have a great day. Thanks!

Why -- These D*mn Kids! I love it. Alsmot worth going through it. Almost.

Jamie -- Yeah. And she doesn't seem to understand that if I don't know where we're going, it makes it hard to DRIVE there. :-)