Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nice While It Lasted

I didn't get to take my walk today. Bummed me out because the wonderful and unseasonable weather we've enjoyed the past few days is on its way out. It was 71 degrees today! I was so thankful for it though. The rain started earlier tonight and it looks like it will hang around again through tomorrow.

Also going away, though I don't know when for sure, is my door-to-door bus service. A service road behind the construction that has the main drag closed now has traffic lights. They aren't on yet -- or at least they weren't earlier -- but once they are, the bus won't have to detour right in front of the house anymore. At least it got me through some really nasty winter weather so I'm grateful.

I'm happy to report that the Ladybird is finally home. Picked her up tonight and the old seatbelt is back in business. All of her many pieces appear to be back in place. That's a relief!

The wind got my favorite umbrella on the way home last night. Just outright busted it up. Poor thing never had a chance.

It occurred to me during the past few days that I haven't done a historic architecture post in a good long while. Watch for one of those this week!


plumbelieve said...

You have the most peculiar luck with accessories....earwarmers, gloves. They all seem to want to disappear in one way or another. Here's to the summer where you have very little need for anything but suntan lotion and a fun beverage with a little paper umbrella. I can dream, can't I?


Jayne said...

I'm sorry to see the nice weather go, too, especially since I got to enjoy so little of it because I was working. Friday they're calling for snow here...sigh...

NV said...

PB -- Your'e right! My accessories are in revolt. It's as if they all secretly conspire together in my wardrobe and then once they're out, yell: "To the Bastille!" :-)

Jayne -- I know. They're saying the same here 'cept on Saturday. We've almost made it halfway through February though. Spring is coming!