Monday, February 2, 2009

In Search Of: A Can Opener

If you’re over 35, you probably remember that show, “In Search Of,” hosted by none another than Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy). We watched it religiously when I was growing up.

At This D*mn House, the mother and I have resurrected it. When something is lost (keys, checkbook, cellphone), one of us will invariably take on the deep, dry Leonard Nimoy tone and announce: “In Search Of: Nicole’s wallet.” Anyway, it can get pretty funny.

Over the weekend though, during our trip to Tar-jay, we spied a v. cool under-the-cabinet can opener. Since the first year that we lived here, there has been one under the cabinet to the left of the sink. I think we’re on our second or third one. They’ve all been Black and Decker and the current one has been in place for at least a decade. Great way to keep extra appliances when you have almost no counter space!

Since the kitchen is on our near future redo list, this new B&D can opener got our attention. However, there were none on the shelf. Even in cyberspace, they can be a little hard to find (though I did find some). Here’s the problem: I’m a firm believer in stuff I read posted by actual users. You know, the people who bought the stuff to begin with.

Unfortunately, where this can opener is concerned it’s almost a perfectly split decision. That has never happened when I’ve been doing online research! And, there appear to be about six different versions of essentially the same can opener. It’s nutty.

This one is Model B001EU510E. It was $24.99 at Tar-jay. It has a cover that closes over the opener part itself so you don’t see it when you’re not using it.

So, do you own this can opener? Know anyone that does? I’m collecting opinions on it!


Gene said...

No Black and Decker. We've got a can opener that looks a lot like this one, though it has a different label. It cost <$10 and has never broken, and uses 0 watts of power :-)

Regardless, the things we love about it are (1) big handles are easier to turn (2) it's a 'safe cut' opener, so the can and lid don't have sharp edges, and the lid sits on top of the can (for temporary re-covering). Even if you're going for an electric, I'd get something that does the latter.

Renovation Therapy said...

Can't help you with the can opener...but thanks for the reminder of that show. Loved that show!!!

My dork is showing again, isn't it?

Jayne said...

Sorry, can't help you with the can opener. I have a manual Kitchen Aid one with a big handle. I recommend a 'safe cut' opener as well.

NV said...

Gene -- Yeah, good suggestion but that would never fly with the mother. Her hands are gettng worse all the time. These openers have a magnet though that keeps the lid in place. If you push it down before releasing the can, you won't get cut!

RT -- You're welcome. I always loved that show, too.

Jayne -- We still have a manual one somewhere for emergencies -- like when the power goes out. :-)

Zenzele said...

I have a safe can opener, as well. My dream can opener would be *both* safe, and automatic.

Anonymous said...