Saturday, February 21, 2009

Should Be vs. Is

I tell the mother all the time that there’s a world of difference between should be and is. Case in point. What I should be doing:

• Sleeping. (This is questionable. Between the wind that’s tearing along the back of the house – and directly beside me – alternating with yowling courtesy of Toby the Cat from Hell, I’m not sure it would work.)
• Finishing up some things I left hanging at work yesterday.
• Tearing into the basement and doing some major organizing in the family room that would lead me to:
o Swap out the old daybed and assemble the new one.
o Swap out the old bookcase and assemble the new one.
o Mud and tape the holes in the ceiling from adventures in installing electrical outlets.
o Mud and tape the gaps at the top of the closet built more than a year ago so that the trim can be put up.
o Put up said trim.
o Taking down decorative posts and the existing mantel on the fireplace to make way for the new one once the mother stains it.
• Catching up on everyone else’s blogs and putting in the many comments that I intended to when I initially read their posts.
• Reorganizing my bedroom closet (read: cabinet) because I have so many coats and jackets jammed in it that there isn’t much space for anything else.

But the operative word is should. Because here’s what I am doing:
• Preparing to shower and dress.
• Loading up the car.
• Heading to an all-day (nine glorious hours) crop.

Sadly, our gang will be a few short as the MonkeyGirl thought that hangin’ with the hubs in the Caribbean would be more fun and Harriet forgot that she had volunteered to freeze her a** off in the Mardi Gras parade. But that’s OK. See you soon, MamaMartha and MissJ!


Karen Anne said...

What's a crop?

MonkeyGirl said...

WOuld it be bad if I said that I didn't even think asbout the crop today? Sorry, my mind is somewhere else!

Why S? said...

What you "should" be doing is enjoying your Life because there are some theories that say you only get this one shot at it. And if that means a nine hour crop, then crop it is. Besides, isn't this really a day spent with friends and fulfilling a creative drive? On your deathbed, will you really be that pleased that you finally reorganized the closet?

I hope you have a great day.

NV said...

Karen Anne -- It's where a bunch of scrapbookers get together and work on their photo albums.

MG -- Only if you didn't think of us. :-)

Why -- You are SO right! I was completely guilt-free about the whole thing. I did have a great day. Thanks!

Vicki said...

I hope you had a great time scrapping!

NV said...

Vicki -- It was a fabulous day. Thanks!