Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Eighth Dwarf

Today, I am the eighth dwarf personified: Whiny.

It does no good to whine. Logically, I know this. Realistically, I can do nothing about it. It’s a combination of sleep deprivation, tension, hormones, and the weather. No bright beautiful moon in the sky today. Just endless gray. And rain.

The rain poured on the house last night like a battering ram. It started in just before I went to bed and continued periodically until after 4 a.m. They said we got between 1 and 2 inches in all. The streets are even muddy. All the dirt and grit left from the snow that finally melted last week has been washed to the surface making a murky, soupy mess.

I don’t think we run street sweepers any more. Probably one of the many casualties of budget cuts, so this mess is likely to be disappearing and reappearing for some time until eventually, traffic will successfully spread it to other locations. See? I told you I was whiny!

I need to just shut up, drink some tea, and go get some work done, don’t I? Sounds like a plan.


Renovation Therapy said...

If one was to whine, February would be the perfect month to indulge in the activity.

Kay said...

aw, the rain is so PRETTY! smells good outside.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky that the rain here waited until all of our sod was in, but now, 4 days later, I'm ready for warmer temps and sunshine!

Vicki said...

Hey, maybe the new WPA will have street sweeper positions! ;)

We're all allowed our whiny moments. At least you're not perma-whiny. That gets old, in blogs and in person. So whine away for the day.

Ann said...

Now I totally see why my last post so related to you. I feel so whiny and lame as well. What is UP with that?

NV said...

Thanks for indulging me everyone! Trying to lock the eighth dwarf up for a while.

Anonymous said...