Friday, February 27, 2009

Friends on Friday

The current temperature is about half of yesterday’s high. It’s always lovely when you have back-to-back days at or near 70, only to be plunged once again into the deep freeze. While it’s a shock to the system, ti’s not a surprise. I knew this would happen.

They’re now saying one to three inches of snow tomorrow. No wonder everyone is sick!

I was up late and I got up extra early today so I’d have time to make my bed. Not pull back the sheets and adjust the covers, fold in the corners stuff. No. This is drag out the comforter and sham and throw pillow making-the-bed stuff. And because I am one of the best kids ever, I did the same for her bed.

You see, the mother is having company today. A few of her friends are coming over.

I’m not sure why exactly this is necessary. I mean, I go to my friends’ houses without stepping foot in a bedroom. And these people have been to the house before. It’s not like they haven’t seen it. And it’s not like it’s the new bedrooms yet.

So, I totally don’t get it. I guess she just wants to leave the doors open without risking embarrassment. At least one of them hasn't seen the porch and walkway yet. I'll be curious to hear about what she had to say.

In what was a highly unusual turn of events, these plans just popped up yesterday. So that sent the mother into overdrive. You'd think the Queen was coming or something. And she gets so annoyed with me when I just fail to see the drama in all of it. "You bring people in here when it looks any old kind of way," she chides.

Well, yes, I do. I figure they're more about coming to see me than my house. But that's me. Logic that's totally wasted on the mother.

I just hope Ozzie behaves. He doesn’t always when people come and I won’t be there to make him mind. Toby won’t be a problem. Part of his mental shortcomings make him completely anti-social. He’ll either slink under a piece of furniture or hide out in the bathtub until everyone is gone.

Here’s hoping she has a good day.


Jayne said...

Your mom sounds like mine! When I lived with her I always had to do that kind of stuff before people came over. And poor Toby is just like my Marie. I have friends who swear I don't really have a mean little gray cat!

Ann said...

Just reading through your posts and catching up.

LOL, what does that NAUGHTY Ozzie DO, anyway? That's funny.

C&C said...

Too funny! I agree with you on the not to see the house but me part, but tend to act a little nuts like your mom. More Ozzie stories please...

cd said...

It's no wonder I have OCD. Mickie would have us organizing closets, washing windows and dusting the radiators for guests (in case anyone wanted to jump up and dance on them). Her voice reverberates in my head "a home for everything and everything in it's place".

NV said...

Jayne -- TOO funny! More things in common.

Ann -- He barks his little furry ass OFF. He cannot stand for anyone to come and he not be the center of attention. I can usually get him to mind, but he ignores the mother when people are here.

C&C -- Well, i DO want it to be presentable. I'm not as manic about it as she is. :-) I made sure Ozzie is in his own post.

cd -- Yup, that would be the mother!

Anonymous said...