Thursday, February 5, 2009

Was It Only Yesterday?

Could it really only have been 24 hours ago that I was standing in my room, still in my pajamas, inventing new forms of swearing? I guess it was.

I dropped the car off this morning. I gave myself plenty of time as I dropped the car insurance off first.

While driving past the bus depot, en route to the mechanic’s, I got about two blocks away when I spied the bus coming into the station. This bus is the bus before mine. I knew it would be cutting it close, but I decided to try to catch it rather than wait almost another 20 minutes for mine. (It’s 18 degrees today, with a wind chill of 5. Better than other recent mornings, and warm air is coming TODAY, but still.)

I made the last few blocks to Jim’s, turned the car around and parked out front, killed it, grabbed my gear, locked ‘er up, and tossed the envelope with the spare key and a note into his drop box. Then I ran like hell.

It’s two blocks back to the main drag and bus route. I was diggin’ for all I was worth when I saw that the last 30 feet of sidewalk were covered in ice and snow. Damn! I had to detour into an alley and across a huge parking lot. None of this would have been bad, except that if the bus had come right then, he would not have been able to see me as a building on the lot blocked my view.

I cleared the building, carefully made my way around some snow and ice on that sidewalk to a clear spot. No more than a minute later, I saw the bus lumbering up the road. Yay!

So here I am. And I wish I had my camera. The sun is still rising in the sky and it is illuminating one whole leg of the Arch. Beautiful. No. Gorgeous.

Here’s hoping that the tone for the day stays just like this


Anonymous said...

I hope your day does continue to stay that great. You're a busy lady who deserves days that run that smoothly once in a while. :)

cd said...

Thinking video of you this morning could have been a blockbuster action flick. Some things never change. I can rememeber many years ago either you or I running to catch our second bus, the Lindell Wydown with Willie John.

Jayne said...

I was hearing the theme from "Rocky" in my mind while I read that post. Glad you made the bus & didn't have to wait in the cold! :)

plumbelieve said...

Who's Willie John? That name just conjures up all kinds of possibilities...none of them good.

plumbelieve said...

Who's Willie John? That name just conjures up all kinds of possibilities...none of them good.

MonkeyGirl said...

Whew! You make me tired just reading about what you accomplish before you get to work!

NV said...

kspin -- Aww, thanks! :-)

cd -- God bless, Willie John! Yeah, when the first bus let off at 10th and Washington and the second was at 6th and Locust, I did those kinds of runs a lot!

Jayne -- Funny! I'm glad I made it, too. Managed to surprise myself. Not bad for an old broad. :-)

PB -- You remember John, the janitor, at high school? cd and I swore that his twin drove the Lindell bus. His name was Willie and he was adorable. He watched out for all of us bus girls! Because he looked like John, we dubbed him Willie John, and it stuck. He seemed to like it.

MG -- Yeah, I don't tend to like impromptu trips when they're not for fun things! :-)

Vicki said...

Oh, why wasn't that caught on video anywhere? In my mind it was a movie scene and you executed everything perfectly with great music in the background :)

Anonymous said...