Friday, May 1, 2009

Hooray for Storage Boxes

In a tiny house, you're always looking for storage. And this time of year, when it comes time to switch from winter to summer, I'm looking for ways to keep track of things like all those winter accessories.

They started out scattered all over my bedroom floor.

In a recent Lakeside catalog, I found these boxes.

They're not very big -- which is a plus -- but big enough to hold gloves, scarves, earwraps, and even my tiny handbags! I am so loving these. You get a set of three for $6.95.

And if you like brighter colors, you can get those, too. I think they're marketing those as designed for kids but if you like the colors ...

They really would be good for kids, too, to collect all those tiny little parts that their toys come with. You could even throw video games in them.

And one of my favorite features? If you don't need them, just pull out the bottoms and fold the boxes flat until you do!

They also have a slightly larger version -- with a clear window -- for $7.95. I looked at those but I think these are the perfect size for me as I'll probably put them under my bed or on the floor of the closet!

After filling up two of the three, I'm already thinking about ordering another set. Look how much stuff you can get in these things.