Friday, May 22, 2009

All the Cool Kids Have One

That's right boys and girl ... nothing says "cool" like a five-gallon bucket of paint in your livingroom!
It doesn't seem to bother Toby. He decided to keep it company after giving it a thorough sniff-down. I couldn't help but take a picture since this scene made me laugh.

It's only in the livingroom because it's mega heavy and it would be very hard to wrangle into the basement without a strong possibility of falling down the stairs with it. Yeah, I need to injure myself again and/or pour paint all over the basement stairs and family room. So, for right now anyway, it's staying right where it is.

It was quite a day. One of my nearest and dearest, PB, made a surprise visit today. I was so glad to see her! She calls me fairly regularly -- we live on opposite sides of the river and I work on her side and she works on mine -- with the hope that we might one day be on the same side during happy hour. It's still not worked, but we'll keep trying, eh?!

Then the mother and I dashed off to buy paint and groceries, etc. We will have to motor back to the Home Depot for two reasons. First, this HD was out of the base paint to mix paint for the house with. (They're supposedly getting more tonight.)

And second, after the discussion with Lawrence yesterday, we knew what our options were for a sink. We found one while waiting for our painted to be mixed. It's even on sale, something the sinks weren't when we looked at them previously.

Pearl's trunk was already packed pretty tight with groceries and household supplies and we needed to put the paint in there, too, still. That didn't leave any room for the sink box. And I didn't want to put that dirty box in my backseat. (I know. It's an illness. I blame the mother.)

But that will have to wait. Tonight, I need to clean up and clear out the laundry room so that we can use it to store painted ceiling panels and molding for the kitchen while they completely dry. That's how the mother and I are planning to start the day tomorrow ...


Why S? said...

Actually, Toby kind of looks like he's waiting for his magic carpet to take off.

May you have a productive day.

De-Blurker Kate said...

I have 2 gallons of paint in my kitchen. Does that make me sort of cool?

I've been blurking for quite awhile & have to tell you, I am highly impressed with some of the projects you've taken on.

NV said...

Why -- He DOES seem to look like that. He's such a weird little cat. I mean BEFRIENDING a paint bucket??

Kate -- Thanks for coming out of the blurk and saying hi! Two gallons definitely qualifies you. :-) And thank you. That's very kind.

Anonymous said...