Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rethinking the Order

Thanks to the sound advice about the tiling (thanks Gene and MG), I’ve decided to not tile before Lawrence comes.

As for removing the commode, I don’t think we can go 24 hours without one, so I’ll just have to cut around it as I have previously. (Except for last time. That’s when we got the new commode so I just cut to allow for the ring. And since it was vinyl, put it down and walk on it was fine.)

That won’t be the case this time, that’s for sure! Everything I’ve read says minimum of 24 hours and ideally closer to 48 BEFORE grouting. And then THAT has to dry. D*mn. This sounds like an awful lot of work, especially in a tiny, little room. Now I’ve read so much stuff about the process, I’m even a little paranoid about it. So, probably best to delay and take a few deep breaths.

Instead, I think I’ll work top to bottom. The mother is supposed to be painting two more ceiling panels today, for a total of four. (I may need a fifth, but I’m not sure. Going to have to measure it again.) After Lawrence puts in the exhaust fan next week, I’ll know what I need to allow for it (whether it’s bigger, smaller or the same as the current one). Hopefully, the Michelangelo Project will go smoothly!

We’re in for more rain tomorrow and into Saturday. I have some business to do on Saturday, so I had to cancel my plans to crop. Instead, I’ll probably try to finish the shed on Saturday afternoon if it isn’t raining. For right now at least, there’s no rain on Sunday, so that will likely be yard day. Ugh.


Gene said...

If you're on good terms with a neighbor, 24 hours without a toilet isn't too bad.

Jayne said...

Gene, I love your comments! :D

Kay said...

I keep reading this as "good advice about the tilling." You can see where MY home projects are focused.