Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sun vs. Rain

Right now, rain is winning. The sun was out five minutes ago. Now it's raining. Again. Second time in the past hour.

D*mn Mother Nature anyway!

The winds are calm today --unlike the past two days -- making it an ideal time for spray-painting. Oh, unless it's raining. Great.

Rain is in the forecast for the whole rest of the time I'm off. I knew that. I didn't even have a problem with it because I thought I'd have this morning to get set up and get this stuff painted. So, if it can't get it done today, or maybe, (and that's a big maybe) tomorrow, I can't get the kitchen panels painted. And they're supposed to get up while I'm off!

Here's hoping we can have four to five hours of dry time (minimum) to try to get this done.

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