Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good News?


Maybe. I’m so tired of hearing about layoffs and financial disaster. I’m past ready for some good news where the economy is concerned. Aren’t you?

Having said that, I hope I’m not reading too much into the rise in consumer sentiment – even if it is at the expense of the value of our homes. And while I’m smiling, I’m still reserving that grain of salt to take this news with on the latest projections for the end to the recession.

We DIYers must be spending some money. Lowe’s has announced that it will begin offering do-it-yourself clinics again, focusing on plumbing and electrical projects. Apparently, they curbed these a few years ago when people more readily paid someone else to do these kinds of jobs. This story is another testament to the fact that more people are putting routine tasks back onto their own to-do lists.

Maybe other cities around the country should follow this example from Denver where city leaders have agreed to waive building permit fees on a variety of projects through the first half of June. Sounds like a great way to stimulate local economies. Hats off to them!


C&C said...

Oh yes, so tired of the economy news. And tired of cloudy weather as well, it just adds to the bummer-ness of it all! I wonder how bad things really would have gotten if the media would've kept their traps shut and not sensationalized everything making everyone nervous and leary of spending anything. Phew, that's my soapbox message for the day!

NV said...

C&C -- I agree to a point. It is kind of hard though to ignore the numbers of jobs that have been disappearing lately. But, here's hoping we're on the way back up!

Anonymous said...