Thursday, May 7, 2009

Something Resembling a Plan

The mother was worn after spending yesterday morning being poked, pushed and prodded. It was with some surprise then that I heard her say, “You want to go to look for a microwave?”

After lunch and a brief rest, we did just that. It was a very welcome distraction and quite an enlightening trip. We found out:

1) Frigidaire is coming out with a new line of appliances in the next month or two. That could explain why the range we’re looking at is being marked down at so many places, including the one we will ultimately buy from.

2) The mother prefers the stove we are currently looking at to the new model coming out. She got to see the stove in person AND a picture of the new one coming out. She preferred the one in her presence. (This makes me very happy as I like it, too, and it will probably mean spending $400-$500 less for something that doesn’t look as good and doesn’t really have added features.)

3) What the underneath of various range hoods look like and which ones we liked.

4) That the range hood we really liked can be had for just a little more online than the in-store model (and its predecessor) we initially felt compelled to go with.

5) That it looks like Home Depot really does have the best deal on a microwave.

So I think we have worked out all of the appliances. I think. (Quick rundown: Refrigerator -- purchased. Stove -- Chosen. Range Hood -- Chosen. Microwave -- Chosen.) Next choices: countertop and flooring.

Again, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes yesterday. They really do mean a lot. Remember us today, too, as we wait to hear the results.


Kay said...

You're giving me Appliance Envy.

Jayne said...

Me too. I have a 1970-something fridge with a fake wood handle. Ugly. But it works and there's no money in the budget for a new one, so I hope it hangs on for a few more years.

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