Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can't Rain on My Parade

I awoke to a downpour shortly after sunrise. Shortly after that, it was a yowling cat. And, shortly after that, a sick dog.

It’s been a fun morning. And while the rain stopped, and the sun came out, another round of showers is moving in. The room is getting darker as I type this. But let it rain. I don’t care. Ask me why. Go ahead. Ask me.

I don’t care because … the mother got the kitchen ceiling panels and trim painted YESTERDAY!!! I was so exhausted when I got home last night (I only worked three days last week, but it felt like three months – but that’s a good thing, really) but when I saw that stuff drying, I cheered. That means I can start the kitchen TODAY.

So go ahead, Mother Nature, do your d*mndest. I’m thumbing my nose at you. You can't rain on my parade. Not today.