Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Floor and More

The kitchen plans are progressing – but changing all the time.

We aren’t getting a new countertop, at least not this year. The mother can’t find one she’s happy with and we can’t agree on a color scheme. So, for now, those will stay. (Plus, that’s a big help costwise, too, and expands the budget a bit.)

The cabinets are going a slightly darker woodgrain, not white after all. But, that should work with the stainless appliances, the tin ceiling and backsplash ( I won that argument, ahem), and this floor. It ain’t exciting, but it’s neutral enough to pull it off.

What’s odd is that it’s the same floor we looked at more than a year ago, and brought a sample home. A sample that is still sitting on the kitchen counter!

While finding a kitchen floor was the main focus of Sunday’s trip, Lowe’s managed to milk a bit more money out of the visit. We took a few pieces of the kitchen tile over to the appliance department and stuck it in front of a stainless stove. We liked the result.

As we rounded a corner to return to flooring, we passed a display of microwaves. The mother saw a different GE model she liked and it was just $5 more than the model we were going to buy at Home Depot. (Now I’m really glad I hesitated.) And Lowe’s had the best price out there. (Sears wanted almost $70 more for the same one!)

Returning to flooring, we decided to see if we could find anything for the bathroom. (I’ve always found Lowe’s to be great for flooring.) Booyah! We found this.

We both instantly liked it. The bad news: It’s kind of pricey. And, it’s special order. (I HATE SPECIAL ORDER anything.) The good news: It’s on sale! The better news: Most people have closets bigger than our bathroom, so we won’t need very much of it.

I worried that it might be too busy in the bathroom, so we brought home a sample. When I laid it in the bathroom, I changed my mind.

I think the white floor will be the perfect complement to the black tin ceiling and the little black accents will really make the black ball parts of the gingerbread pop. (And, it will reverse our current white ceiling/black floor scheme.) So I think that it will all work quite nicely.

What do you think?


Mama Martha said...

I LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

Love the black and white tile. Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE it! That bathroom's gonna rock! In a month, you won't recognize your house!

Why S? said...

The black and white tile is a good find. It'll all be great together.

Vicki said...

I love the black tile and can't believe your bathroom has so much detail! I know nothing about paint, so tell me to shut up, but will a black ceiling make the room look short? I know it will all look good in the end because it's all color-coordinated and lots of thought went into it. Can't wait to see it!

MonkeyGirl said...

I like it but Mr. Monkeygirl will groan out loud when he sees your pick. I picked out something very similar for our old house and he had to lay the tile in the bathroom three times before I was happy with the results. It is very wiggly and kind of hard to line up!

NV said...

MM -- Thanks!

kspin -- I hope so because we sure like it!

Star -- Thank you! I hope you're right. The first few times I walk in the bathroom and kitchen, I really DO want to have to think, even briefly, “Where am I?”

Why – Thanks! I was worried that it might be too busy, but I think it will come together nicely.

Vicki – Maybe, but with the white floor (it’s currently a black, marble-look vinyl) and all the other white accents, I think it’s going to be a good contrast.

MG – Yeah, I’m groaning already. I probably should have started with something simpler for my foray into ceramic tile! But, baptism by fire – story of my life. :-)

Anonymous said...