Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday ToolTalk: Mr. Clean Erasers

I bought a new tool last week but I’ve not yet had the opportunity to use it. So, today, I’m highlighting a cleaning tool that’s been in This D*mn House since it was put on the market: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

The mother swears by these things. She uses them both inside and outside of the house, and she’s gotten me to use them, too. They’re great for removing the errant scuff or ground-in mark from painted walls, ceramic and vinyl floors – and sometimes, even your shoes and handbags!
They’re equally good at wiping grub and grime away from bathroom fixtures and around other wood and metal surfaces like door trim and baseboards.

And that’s what brings me to this post: I discovered a new use for them yesterday.
The mother, being a female version of Felix Unger (the Odd Couple neat freak immortalized by Jack Lemmon on film and Tony Randall on television) has been distraught over a thick band of dirt/discoloration across the middle of Pearl’s driver seat. Except for the occasional chip or gouge, the car is in virtual showroom condition, so leave it to the mother to agonize over a minor flaw.

I went online to see if I could find anything that might remedy it. As leather automotive seats are more the rule than the exception these days, it didn’t take me long. Someone had posed the very question I did: How do you remove ground-in dirt from a leather car interior? The answer: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

Within 10 minutes of relating this to the mother last night, she was in the car trying it. She had some impressive success, too, as that band has diminished significantly. (She’ll be back at it today.) A few things to bear in mind if you try this:
· If your stain is in plain sight, try this on a spot where it isn’t, just to make sure that it won’t discolor your surface.
· Rub lightly, gently increasing pressure to get to a level where the dirt disappears.
· If you do use this on leather (upholstery, furniture, shoes and accessories) after buffing it lightly and allowing to air dry, follow up with a round of replenishing treatment like leather lotion to avoid over-drying and cracking your leather.

I thought maybe Procter & Gamble would offer a coupon on their site, but they did not. However, if you still have your Sunday newspaper, you may find a coupon for buy one/get one. We had one in ours and I guarantee it will be put to good use. These really are a remarkable product.
One caveat: They do dissipate quickly. So if you hope to cover a lot of ground or a particularly dirty surface, have plenty on hand.


MonkeyGirl said...

Magic Erasers rock! I used them on my bright white kitchen counters one day is desparation (after scrubbing with 409 and Comet) and the stains magically disappeared! I even keep some in my office, just in case!

sewwhat? said...

MonkeyGirl has me convinced also, that is when I get the cleaning bug, which isn't often.

Jayne said...

I agree: Magic Erasers rock!

Vicki said...

I. love. Magic Erasers. There's nothing I'd rather have on hand with four grubby hands running around the house, touching every wall.

Anonymous said...