Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Fly Day!

Yesterday morning I saw both baby birds on the edge of the nest, each alternately flapping their wings. I knew it wouldn't be long before they literally flew the coop.

Lawrence showed up in the interim and we got busy with projects. I kept checking and both were still standing on the edge. The mama bird would occasionally swoop in to deliver some chow.

Before Lawrence and I went on a lumber run, I grabbed my camera to try to capture the two of them together on the nest one final time. I was too late. As I walked out the door, one of the babies flew into the adjacent tree where its mama has taken up residence. Wow! It was cool!

I hurriedly snapped some photos of Baby #2 who was much more hesitant than its sibling.

He looks like he's giving the flying some serious thought.
I'd no sooner let go of the shutter on this shot, then the little guy got up his nerve and flapped out of the nest! Unlike its sibling, it didn't make it to the tree, instead, it safely wafted to the ground.

I feel so privileged to have witnessed this, even if I did miss the money shot ...

Right now, I'm off to do some flying of my own -- with Pearl and the mother. We're going to make the paint pilgrimage. Fun times.


Why S? said...

I love how juvenile birds always look so serious (and sometimes downright grumpy). It reminds me of my own youth.

Cassie said...

That is so cool that you were able to watch those birds take flight for the first time!

Vicki said...

Too cool! What a neat thing to see :)

NV said...

Why -- Yeah. He does look almost grumpy! Typical teenager. :-)

Cassie -- Thanks! Yes, I was very privileged.

V -- I think it was a personal message and gift to me after worrying over them so much.

bettyl said...

Isn't that wonderful! A great thing to witness.

We sometimes find stunned juveniles on our back patio or the lawn and I feel so sorry for them. But they eventually do fly away.

Anonymous said...