Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Trouble

It has been a rough and rugged 24 hours.

This time last night I was still working on the bathroom ceiling. And, it was about this time last night that I discovered that a virus or something had hijacked my work computer. Not good. It's causing me some grief with a billing cycle close. Oops!

There was no one for me to call and our automated system said the line to our IT help's pager number was invalid. (I tried early this morning to reach someone.) Nice.

Meanwhile, I was still fighting the bathroom. I got it down to one little piece. After the third unsuccessful try at cutting it, I quit for the night.

I just finished the ceiling a few hours ago. I'm rather pleased with it but it's going to take some getting used to. (Stay tuned for photos.)

This whole computer fiasco has me freaked out. I've been rather lucky all these years, only being briefly affected by some stupid virus or worm that kept linking to porn.

I'm hoping that it can be fixed quick and easy.

While I've been off, I also bought the tile for the kitchen and today, we bought some trim for the bathroom. That will be the next job. But first, it has to stop raining so I can set up the saw!

D*mn technology being used for ill. D*mn rain continuing steady and strong.


plumbelieve said...

Oh I hope that was not from me. Keep me posted and congratulations on your ceiling.

C&C said...

Back up your data onto a flash drive, DVD or something and then reinstall Windows. That is about the only way to completely get rid of a virus. Good luck!

NV said...

PB -- Thanks! I'm pretty happy with the ceiling. As for the virus, I don't know where it came from. But even if that email caused it, it's not your fault!

C&C -- Since this is my work computer that's crashed, our IT people will have to handle. This is good advice though that I hope I never need to use for my own computer! :-)

Anonymous said...