Sunday, May 17, 2009


This has nothing to do with map-making. No, this post is about the woes of looking for a kitchen cart.

The mother saw a few at Big Lots recently and wanted me to check them out. I did one night last week. The one she liked was nice, but more than a foot longer than our current one. But what I think really enthralled her was the stainless steel top.
Admittedly, this was nice and a perfect feature or the soon-to-be-new kitchen decor.

So, over the weekend, I spent some time online looking at cart. Holy Mary! Do you have any idea how many different kinds, styles, sizes, finishes and price ranges these little beauties can have? I didn't. I looked at probably 100, showing a handful to the mother who found fault with every one of them (usually price was the final straw) until I hit this ...
YAY! It was instant love for both of us. It was cheaper than the one she'd seen across town (by about $10), and we wouldn't have to pay tax, but the savings would be eaten up by the almost $75 shipping charge!
But, this company also is offering a $25 rebate. And, since this one already has the drawer pull style that we're putting on the cabinets, that's an expense we're spared over the other option. So, that means it's not that much more than the other one!
There's still one variable: what the counter surface is made of. We decided that we like the black (since the stove and microwave will both have black, the color is great). None of the online descriptions I found on this said what it is. Laminate, marble, what?!
The dimensions were another consideration. It is about 6 inches wider than our current one and only about 4 inches longer. In our tiny kitchen, every inch counts. Even so, this should still work.
Here's hoping that the surface material isn't a deal-breaker ...


Vicki said...

That's beautiful! Hopefully it works for you!

Karen Anne said...

What do you do with a kitchen cart?

NV said...

Vicki -- Thanks! Me, too. We really like it.

Karen Anne -- If you have an ultra tiny kitchen like we do, you use it for extra counterspace and storage. ANd because it's on wheels, you can move it around and out of your way as you need to.