Friday, May 15, 2009

Mail Call

Sometimes jammed between the catalogs, flyers, and junk, there is real, genuine mail. This week there have been a few pieces that qualify.

First up was a letter from our Secretary of State informing me that my driver’s license expires on my birthday. So, I have to schlep over there, pay my $10, get the ever-dreaded mug shot, and renew it. And, this year I have the added extra joy of having to take a WRITTEN test.

WHAT?! I haven’t taken one of those since I very first got my license a million years ago. Sheesh. Guess I’m going to have to brush up on the Rules of the Road this summer, just to be sure I know them as well as I think.

Thinking ahead, which I don’t always do, I purchased a few graduation cards a few weeks ago. In my circle of nearest and dearest, there are two graduates this year. I was just reminding myself that I needed to deal with those, too. What should appear in the mail? An invitation to a party for the elder of the two graduates (one is high school, the other eighth grade). And, it’s at the barn!

I haven’t been to the “party barn,” as it’s more affectionately known, in a while. It really IS quite the place. The barn used to be an antique store. On its first floor, is a ginormous garage and a gift shop area that the current owners have kept in tact. Instead of selling anything, it now displays a model car collection and a variety of curiosities.

Upstairs, in the loft, think neighborhood bar. It has a stage, karaoke machine, and several tall, bar-style tables. It has been the scene of many a raucous night for my friends.

And no description would be complete without mentioning that the barn property also includes a gorgeous, ante-bellum mansion. Love, love, love that place!

I guess that’s one card I won’t have to mail. I think it’s safe to say that Pearl and I will be there.


Vicki said...

Sounds like a cool place! Have fun :)

Karen Anne said...

Don't you love written drivers tests? What does an orange line mean about parking on Wednesdays from 2am to 11 am?

Why S? said...

Are you sure it won't be an essay test? That would be a real treat, wouldn't it?

Seriously, I wonder when I'll have to take another written test? There are so many laws I don't know. When in doubt, I just pretend it doesn't apply to me. So far, so good.

NV said...

V -- thanks! It is an awesomely cool place.

Karen Anne -- Yeah, I'm starting to obsess about it! It's been almost 25 years since I took one!

Why -- Actually, I'd PREFER the essay as I think I could ace that. :-)
Love your approach. Maybe I'll try that, too!