Friday, May 8, 2009

Pea Soup

I tried to capture some lightning shots last night. We had one of those wonderful light shows that comes with only a few drops of rain, but a burst of lightning in every piece of the sky.

So I tried to capture lightning with the new camera for the first time. I didn't do so hot. I might share one or two of the more ominous-looking ones later.

However, the pea soup that has enveloped our area today, can be captured quite nicely. I shot these while I was waiting for the bus at the main depot.

In the shot above there is a car coming down that street! Can you see it? I couldn't while I was taking the shot. I only noticed it after the camera was away from my face and the car was rolling through the stop sign.

It really was kind of spooky. Like something out of a John Carpenter movie or a Stephen King novel. This was the view RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. And that space off to the left. That's where the buses pull up. You could see NOTHING there. Not that I could tell. Luckily, there was at least some light outside or this could have been a whole lot worse. Of course, I did drive across town in it. It doesn't creep me out the way it does the mother. More than the scary, I tend to think more of the last part of Gone With the Wind where Scarlett is running home through the fog to Rhett from the Wilkes’ house. The fog which is both a literal and metaphorical symbol of her love for Ashley. (Yeah, I skew to the hopeless romantic side. God help me.)

Even so, standing in the middle of an area that is somewhat desolate to begin with at 7 a.m. when it’s not all that light out yet, can have just a bit of an edge to it.


plumbelieve said...

NV - I would let Rhett Butler lead me anywhere. I heard a rumor that Hugh Jackman may revive the roll. I could give a damn about him. I saw him in the Boy from Oz on Broadway and I am hooked.


Karen Anne said...

Hugh Jackman, sigh :-)

Jayne said...

I join in the sighing over Hugh Jackman...sigh...Did you see him in "Australia"? Gorgeous. And I always think of Scarlett O'Hara when it's foggy, too--but then she and Rhett Butler are quite frequently quoted in by WT Bob and me! :)

NV said...

PB -- No one can DARE to revive that role ... even the likes of the superhot Mr. Jackman!

KA -- Exactly.

Jayne -- Haven't seen it ... yet. Well, then I'm in very good company then! I quote that d*mn movie a lot. :-)