Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Return of a Familiar Face

It’s been a crazy year and except for the shed, the mother and I have been reduced to collectors of DIY materials thus far. That ends today.

After I picked Pearl up and finally got home last night, the mother said that Lawrence had called. He must be psychic as I’ve been making a mental list of “Lawrence to-do’s” for weeks now. It’s just been SO crazy, I never got around to calling him and suddenly, Memorial Day is almost here!

I’m trying to score vacation days around the holiday so I can have a good deal of consecutive days in which to work. Ideally, that starts next Thursday when Lawrence is going to come and do a variety of odd jobs. That will include removing the light fixtures in both the bathroom and kitchen and putting up a new exhaust fan in the bathroom.

Today, the mother is painting the ceiling panels for the bathroom. That will give them plenty of time to dry before Lawrence arrives next week. It means I will have over a week to get them installed before he comes back to put the light back up in the bathroom and put the new light up in the kitchen. And, it gives us some time to find a nice medallion to put around the light. (It will help break up the black ceiling by having a ring of white around the light and a square of white where the fan is.)

So, things are getting started. The painting will have to wait as later today and for most of the rest of the week, rain is forecast. Luckily, next week looks drier. Here’s hoping!


Vicki said...

You were talking about Lawrence and not about me, right? I haven't been reading blogs since the house hunting took over. I hope things are going well with you! I am going to attempt to get through my Reader this week.

Have fun with Lawrence!!

Karen Anne said...

You are lucky to have Lawrence!

NV said...

V -- Yes, I was talking about Lawrence but WONDERING about you, too! Welcome back! :-)

KarenAnne -- Oh, don't I know it!

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