Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paint Sale!

It's Memorial Day weekend and that can mean only one thing: Behr paint is on sale at Home Depot!

The mother and I were just talking about paint a few days ago and this came up. We've been waiting and finally, today, the email came. You get $5 off a gallon or $20 off a five-gallon container. The sale ends Monday.

It's been a busy day already, but it's not over yet. I'm still going to try to get the yard done.

So far, with Lawrence here, we:
  • Put in a new bathroom fan.
  • Took down the bathroom light.
  • Took down the kitchen light.
  • Went and purchased plywood and cut a new top for an ancient display table. (Small, but much needed. I just finished making the replacement a little while ago. )
  • Discussed putting in a new tub surround.
  • Measured the kitchen and the hallway (just beyond the back door) for tile.
  • Determined that the ceiling medallion we bought for the bathroom light would fit.
  • Likewise for the new under-the-cabinet and over-the-counter Xeon light we bought to replace an ancient fluorescent in the same spot.
  • Discussed what I needed for a new sink.
  • Decided that I had to take up EVERY piece of the kitchen floor (oh Lord, that's at least four layer's worth of vinyl tile). That was the discouraging part of the day. That's going to take at least a day. D*mn!
  • Determined that I DON'T have to take down the kitchen trim! The new egg and dart molding will fit right over it.

So, like I said, a busy but productive day. Now it's onto the dreaded lawn.


Gene said...

Sounds like a very busy day. The four layers of vinyl tile sounds unpleasant to deal is bad enough.

plumbelieve said...

Wow, you certainly have been busy. I feel your pain with the multiple layers. Jamie and I actually pulled up 9 layers to discover a subfloor with 3 more layers below that. The walls had at least a half dozen layers of paper....Grandparents old house that has been repurposed many times.

Good luck with tomorrow!

Kay said...

What is egg and dart molding?

NV said...

Gene -- Yeah. I had to go through this when I tore out the dining room floor to prepare for the laminate a few years back. But that was only ONE layer.

PB -- So glad you stopped by today. I'm definitely trying to pack as much activity into these days as I can. NINE layers?! OMG.

KayO -- It's molding with an oval and arrow/point design of some kind. Many variations. This is one example.

NV said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Paint @ Home Depot is on sale until Wed. 9/7/11