Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Appeal to the Weather Gods

I need a big favor. I need for there to NOT be ice tomorrow. Here’s why:

I’m supposed to be going in early and taking off early tomorrow so that I can make a round of deliveries for our charity program. One of our local TV stations has an alert on their Web site saying that a freezing rain advisory goes from midnight through 6 p.m. tomorrow. however says that it is in effect from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday.

Here’s hoping that they’re both wrong. There’s a carload of stuff that needs to get to its final destination.

I wish I'd had my camera today. One of the floors brought me all of their stuff in a human caravan, a parade of 10-12 people all piled high or weighted down with presents! (Usually, one or two people from each floor get a cart. This way though was much more amusing!)

So, if you could appeal to the weather gods or Mother Nature or whomever you think runs that part of the show, I’d genuinely appreciate it. Doing good shouldn't be a hassle, should it?


Kay said...

ohh, I think you get extra points for doing good if there's a hassle factor. what good is it if you're not inconvenienced?

MonkeyGirl said...

All my weather delaying powers will be in force tomorrow!

Vicki said...

Please be safe while you're spreading the cheer!

Why S? said...

I have a co-worker who is flying to Chicago tomorrow so I shall appeal to the weather gods on behalf of both of you.

NV said...

Thanks, everyone! I think I just might beat the odds. Rain I can handle. Freezing rain ... not so much.

Anonymous said...