Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Caulking, Cleaning, and Chaos

I think that just about covers this evening’s agenda.

Caulking will be around the bathtub, something that’s long overdue. Before it’s caulked though it will have to be cleaned – steam-cleaned. That will give me a chance to try out the new steamer that, while it ‘s been hanging around for a while, was only recently unboxed.

After cleaning the shower, and before doing the caulking, I’ll be going back to cleaning my room. The mother still has to tackle all of those dolls in there, otherwise it’s mostly some furniture dusting and floor-cleaning. Then we’ll see what else still needs doing before I tackled the bathtub.

I’m not even sure when we’re celebrating Christmas with our family. Whether it will be tomorrow night – or if it will be on Thursday. This would be good to know, since I have some cooking to do before then!

I guess it will all work out. Somehow, it always does.