Thursday, December 11, 2008

Traipsing Through Time

I’m envious of all the housebloggers who are busily – and quite happily – tracing the roots of their respective homes. It’s a time-intensive labor of love that can be just as powerful as all of the work we do to make these properties home.

I want to see if I can look up the daughter of This D*mn House’s original owners. I’d love to have some pictures of the house in its early days. I had the pleasure of meeting them a few years after buying This D*mn House. What great people. Sadly, I think they both might have died since then.

I’m sure Jayne over at Dainty Digs would love some original photos, too, as she continues to unravel the history leading back to her Missouri place to put with all the information she has learned about the property its built on.

Crossing the river into Illinois and heading north, Denise at The Bungalow Chronicles is hot on the trail of her home’s history and its neighboring properties that once included a Prohibition-era speakeasy.

And while he may not be tracing the deeds and plat records, Jason got the makings of a pretty fabulous gift, courtesy of the previous owners, by what pieces of his house they left in the basement.

And a while back, Liz and Joey at A Constructed Life discovered that perhaps one of their previous owners never left.

So check out their stories -- and get ready to shuffle some records and see what you can find out about your house.