Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gone With the Wind

I’m awake only because there have been several times in the past hour that I’ve been certain that This D*mn House was coming apart at the seams. Sitting and watching The Weather Channel just did a good job of explaining why.

It’s a whopping 7 degrees. The wind is 28 mph with gusts at 42 mph. The wind chill? -12. OUCH! The projected high for today? All of 18. It could be worse. They just said the high for Chicago today would be FIVE!

On Friday afternoon, the cover to our fire pit blew away. Now, I’m afraid the fire pit itself might do the same, even though it’s weighted down with bricks. I keep peering out the windows to make sure that something we own doesn’t go scuttling down the street.

Between the wind rattling windows and beating wires against the house, and an occasional outburst from Toby the Cat, it’s been a very long night.

Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t tear any lines down or that we don’t lose anything else.