Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me

Wow! OK. I whined about shopping when there is so much to do and this place is a disaster, but ... it was such a good day. Seriously. If it had been a little warmer and a little less windy, it might have qualified for perfection.

The mother found almost everything she was looking for. And, she got me some Christmas, too! I got a new coat, two new jackets, and a new sweater. I didn't need either of the jackets, but I really liked the one and the mother insisted on getting me the other one, too. Pretty awesome for a single stop.

And for me, I got to go to not one, not two, not three, but FOUR stores with scrapbooking stuff. Actually, now that I think of it, FIVE. I was in my kind of heaven. I got some neat gifts for both me and others, as well as a new case to cart all my supplies around in. (Don't worry, MG, it won't take up much space, I promise.)

There were tons of people out. You'd have thought it was already the weekend, not a weekday! But, I guess a lot of people were enjoying a day off work just like me. And before making our final stop, we dined at Lotawata Creek, one of my favorite places, and someplace we hadn't been in ages.

Just a little while ago, I got an extra added bonus. The mother, who talks about me to other people but rarely ever says anything complimentary to me (genetic: Young Tom was the very same way) gave me a nice stunner. We were watching a Christmas special on HGTV with some of the various shows' hosts sharing some of their holiday celebrations. At the end, Lisa LaPorta (of Designed To Sell) was showing off a special decorating surprise she had done for her mom.

"I've got the best daughter in the whole world," says Lisa's mom.

And out of the blue the mother says, "Unh-uh. I've got the best daughter in the world."

Like I said, very nearly a perfect day.


MonkeyGirl said...

You know that the mother always raves about you when you aren't around (courtesy of an unannounced stop this past summer)! I have to agree with her on that point!

Besides, new carts aren't an issue - remember I don't have a cooler for a trunk anymore!

Kay said...

Hey, BDintheW, in light of your Christmas decoration madness, I thought you and your readers would enjoy this post:

I did. Potatoes!

Mama Martha said...

NV, you ARE the BDintheW! And I'm so excited about your scrapbooking purchases. Does your cart have wheels? Can't wait to see it in 3 weeks, 4 days, 9 hours, 44 mins....

NV said...

MG -- Thanks! And I guess I should have been a better descriptor. The new case isn't for ALL my stuff, just SOME of it. It's cool and was so cheap I think I actually gasped when I saw it. :-)

KayO -- Still gotta check out this post. THANKS!

Martha -- That's sweet. Thanks! No, the new case doesn't have wheels, but it does have a shoulder strap! It is SO cool.

Vicki said...

Shopping and family love. What could be better?!?!

Anonymous said...