Thursday, December 18, 2008

Playing Santa

They weren't going to put up a Christmas tree.

After recently losing their home in a fire and what little belongings they had to start with, the man and his two teenaged children were going to "skip" Christmas.

That's what the social worker told me today. "Bill" didn't want a tree because "he didn't want to create the expectation that there would be anything under it." Bill, a member of the working poor, can't provide enough to properly care for his disabled 19-year-old son and his 15-year-old daughter. And he was exasperated.

I'm happy to report that the social worker convinced him to put up a tree. And, in as much as I could jam into Ladybird this afternoon, there are presents to go under it. LOTS of them. And there is food. There are gift cards, cleaning supplies, cooking and kitchen supplies. In fact, between this family, and the family that my floor adopted, I couldn't fit all of it in the car! Ideally, many of the things this family finds under their tree will not just be helpful at Christmas but for some time to come.

Unfortunately, none of the good will and the warm fuzzies are doing much to soothe my aching back or throbbing feet. Oh, it was plenty worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Playing Santa is exhausting ... but damn is it good for the soul.


BPOTW said...


Gene said...

Go NV!

CyFree said...

This is the best part of the holidays for me... I love playing Santa... year round.
But there is something about Christmas that makes the joy of sharing and giving even greater.

Jennifer said...

Good for you!

Renovation Therapy said...

xoxooxoxo for you!!

It's my favorite part of the holiday.

NV said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm hearing stories from the others who delivered to the various agencies and people are just SHOCKED when we start unloading. I LOVE IT!

I'd gladly go through all of it again, to load those "sleighs" up good and proper. Hopefully, the recipients will feel the feelings that accompanied the gifts. I can't remember a time when so many of my coworkers voiced concerns for those they're helping!

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