Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday ToolTalk: Euro-Pro Hard Surface Steamer

At the beginning of this year, I bought a steam cleaner at Overstock.com. Unfortunately, it must have been last year’s model as it’s now sold out and I can’t seem to find this particular model anywhere anymore. It’s the Euro-Pro Hard Surface Steam Cleaner (Model EPS3306H).

It looks like an even smaller version of our pint-sized Kenmore sweeper. But, just like that vacuum, this machine packs a wallop in spite of its size. We found this out last week when we used it for the first time. We used it to clean the walls, tub and fixtures in the bathroom. What an incredible job it did of blasting stubborn grub and grime, especially from those hard-to-reach spots.

We have a louvered door in the bathroom, something that can be incredibly difficult and painstaking to clean. The steamer made very quick and relatively easy work of it. Because it can only hold a pint (16 oz.) of water at a time, I didn’t expect each filling to go very far, but it did! And even more remarkably, it kept its spraying power up almost to the end of the line.

It has a generous hose from the tank to the steam releaser so you can probably wheel it around on the floor for most jobs. It’s not all that heavy though and comes with an optional shoulder strap for tasks that require you to lift it up or to reach awkward angles. It also includes a floor attachment for ceramic, wood and other hard surfaces and a squeegee. I haven’t tried those yet.
Other places the manufacturer claims the steamer is ideal for are the kitchen counters, sinks, tubs, patio furniture, garbage cans, and tire hubs.

The biggest tips I can offer are 1) have plenty of rags or paper towels ready to wipe up the grime as it runs off, and 2) if you’re cleaning a surface where it will leak onto another, put down plastic.
The next closest thing I can find is this one which looks like a more updated tank style but seems to offer the same features and attachments for around the same price I paid ($90-$100).

If you find a canister-sized model similar to these made by this company, buy it! Almost every review I read gave it 4 or 5 (out of 5 possible) stars and couldn’t say enough good things about it.
Don’t, however, confuse it with its bottle-sized sibling. I can’t imagine those would have as much power or clean for nearly as long, and there are plenty of reviews out there complaining about just those things with the smaller model.


sewwhat? said...

Ah-ha, now I have the information I need to get one for myself! Thanks for the better than Consumer's Reports review. I always trust word of mouth better than I trust CR.

sewwhat? said...

I just bought a Shark floor steamer, it works very well also. I'm going to look into this product now that you've done the research!

Why S? said...

Funny that Sewwhat should mention the Shark. I've had my eye on that product, now that I have decent floors to clean. Now I'm intrigued by the Euro Pro as well. But I don't know if I have as many hard surfaces to clean. Maybe my aluminum siding? Would it work there?

Jayne said...

Milah over at "From My Back Porch" has a Shark and she said she really likes it. I have a Hoover floor cleaner (the exact brand name escapes me at the moment) and it works well, but it's ungainly.

Karen Anne said...

Louvered doors, a special place in an outer circle of hell for the designer of.

But the cleaner works on these without damaging the finish?

NV said...

Sewwhat -- YAY! That is one of the main reasons I love to share my experiences with all these products. :-)

Why -- I'm sure it would. They're recommending it for hubcaps. Good God though NOT the siding. Please don't give the mother any ideas!
Seriously, it would probably do a great job on countertops in addition to walls.

Karen Anne -- It didn't seemed to damage ours. (They're painted.) I only got up really close around the corners.