Monday, December 29, 2008

Savoring Slovenly Sloth

Considering that it was Christmas week and that we had people in, we didn’t have nearly as much trash as I’d feared. (Monday is trash day and a ritual I generally dread. Of course, when one doesn’t have to go to work, it’s not nearly as bad a task!)

I ended up taking a series of naps yesterday -- talk about lazy! I didn't even get out of my pajamas. All day.

Preparing to go shopping with the mother. She’s already changed her mind about where she wants to go. Sounds like we’re going to have a good day for it with temps rising to the mid- to upper-50s. In general, the weather has been good and will be good the next few days.

I guess it was lucky that we didn’t go see our guests. Sounds like we’d have been driving through a major thunderstorm on the way there and possibly faced a tornado on the way home! It doesn’t sound like they had any major damage in their neighborhood, but areas nearby had buildings destroyed.

Sounds like folks in Michigan got hit by some of the same bad weather as 200,000 are now without power. Here’s hoping things get better soon for all of you!

Of course, springlike temps today inevitably mean snow this week. Yeah. Winter is back in a day or two.

Sloth mode was fun yesterday, but it will be short-lived, I'm afraid. My bathroom caulk job did not turn out well. That said, one of the hardware stores will be a designated stop. Sounds like a new saga in the works …