Saturday, December 20, 2008


This should be a four-letter word, shouldn't it? And noone would believe that a small house would be this much trouble.

But then there aren't that many small houses that have all the knick knacks lying about like this one.

I had to laugh. The mother spent hours cleaning all the copper in the kitchen. I always used to tell her as she would buy various pieces:"Just one more thing that you'll have to clean." And she would nod. Now she cleans it and says, "I need to get rid of some of this stuff." But doesn't.

And the shelves in the kitchen are double-loaded with glass and other goodies. It's nice stuff, some of it quite pretty, but it's a pain in the butt. Especially when it comes time to clean it all.

And that's what we're in the thick of now. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. And I hate it. I wasn't cut out for this. Remember how my only domestic quality is that I live indoors? Well, it applies 10x over here!

Wish me luck.