Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Pros and Cons

In a strange holiday twist, instead of traveling a nearly 100-mile roundtrip to celebrate Christmas with some family friends either immediately before or after the holiday, they are coming to see us. This is a classic good news, bad news scenario.

The good news: I won’t have to drive nearly 100 miles in the same day, some on very sucky roads in the middle of nowhere, and in God knows what kind of weather, with the mother critiquing my driving the whole trip. I also won’t have two rounds of packing and unpacking the car to contend with.

The bad news: Our house is a disaster. Between all of the projects in progress, things are upside down. The dining room looks like Santa’s sleigh crash landed there with the crash going through the floor and into the family room downstairs where everything else spilled out. Plus, the family room is littered with many of the supplies for all of said projects including beadboard, molding, chair rail, wallpaper, shelving, paint, bedding, and curtains. Oh. And of course there’s those three carved out hunks in the ceiling still to be repaired.

The even worse news: The mother is nit-picky on a good day. When people are coming to the house, it must look like it is ready to be photographed for a home design magazine. (Really, I’m not kidding or exaggerating. She was about to die this summer with my friends coming inside and seeing everything scattered with all the work outside under way.) I know they don’t care; they know I don’t care, but still.

Even further bad news: This means there will be a litany of to-dos that would kill a mere mortal. There will be fights. (Oh, and they will be beauties too, borne out of exhaustion and frustration.) And it’s going to really suck to try to do all this in just over two weeks. And when I say “all this” I’m not even sure what “all” even is. Frankly, I’m afraid to find out.

But that brings us back to some good news: When the mother is on a mission, she is unstoppable. (This must be genetic; sound like anyone else?) So, some of the things that I think should have been done weeks ago, that she’s been talking about doing for weeks, will actually get done.

Bad news: Some of the things that I’ve been talking about doing for weeks – I’ll actually have to do. Better news: I have some extra days off and after next week, actual work should be scarce. I’m hoping that reality will actually kick in at some point though I’m not holding my breath.

The best news: This is happening on the 27th. I am off on the 29th. I work the 30th and part of the 31st – and then I don’t come back ‘til Jan. 5! That gives me some time to both enjoy a relatively straight house and recover.

I’m going to need it.


Jayne said...

Having lived with my own dear mother until recently, all I can say is: Oh, Lordy! Good luck to you. :)

Kay said...

As one who drives 100 miles round trip TO WORK, I can't say I think you've made a very good trade. On the other hand, it's nice to have the house clean, to enjoy after the guests leave.

NV said...

Jayne -- THANKS! Then you know exactly what I mean. I love her dearly, honest I do, but still ...

Kay -- Yeah. That's kinda how I'm feelin about it, too. :-)

Why S? said...

I'll be praying for you.

Ann said...

"There will be fights." - that was funny - I can almost picture it.

And being unstoppable? Yeah, high kettle -> black! Definitely genetics, girl!

Mama Martha said...

And you can use those days afterward to relax and get ready for...CROP CAMP!!!

And try not to fight too much! :)

NV said...

Why -- Thanks! I think a little divine intervention will be needed before it's over.

Ann -- Yeah. At least I won't be surprised when they break out. :-)
And yes, guilty as charged!

MamaM -- You know it! I was starting to worry about when I was going to work that in. Now I know!

Anonymous said...