Monday, December 15, 2008

Deja Vu -- Sort Of

I’m learning to really hate Mondays – not that they were ever my favorite day to start with. And I was a much happier person at 5:30 when I still didn’t know that the wind chill was -2. As in BELOW FREAKIN’ ZERO. I was so not cut out for cold weather.

Remember last week when I slid out with a bag of trash in each hand, skidding madly down the driveway, out of control, reminiscent of the Grinch’s wild downhill sleigh ride? That didn’t happen this week, fortunately. Not that it wasn’t slick, because it was. But at the end of whatever fell last night there was just enough of a coating of snow to give the ice-covered roadways and walkways a bit of traction. So, I looked more like an uncoordinated Dorothy Hamill, using the slick surface to my advantage, gliding in my sneakers, dragging a bag of trash in each hand along the driveway.

Cheaper trash bags wouldn’t have persevered but luckily, my Hefty, Hefty, Cinchsaks were up to the challenge. (Did I really just type that? Apparently so.)

Of course the dumbass bus driver (this HAS to be the same clown who went down the closed road TWO weeks ago and left me in the snow) tried to pass me up. Yes, here I am, covered almost as completely as any Muslim woman ever dare be, and the stupid SOB starts to DRIVE RIGHT PAST ME. I see that he is not braking, so there I am, trying to leap up and down without sliding onto my butt. He DID stop – in the next block – so I had to carefully skid down the sidewalk to get to him. The penguin march all over again.

“Didn’t know you wanted the bus,” he says as I slide onto the first step.

Really? Oh, I see, you completely missed the fact that I’m standing on a corner, bundled like a buffalo, and clutching a bus pass. And then, as you drove past me, you surely missed that Hopi rain dance I was performing to get your attention. Moron.


Mama Martha said...

I'm sorry but I am LMAO at the image you just painted! Hopi Indian dance!!! Sorry you had a bad commute and may your day get better, and fast.

Karen Anne said...

Lord, this reminds me of when I commuted to work by bus in my younger days. They changed the stops along the route, and the bus drivers were clueless for awhile. I even ran into traffic after two buses had gone by me to bang on the door of the third one (it was about 8 pm by then.)

Just to add to the delightful experience, they'd put the bus stop was in front of a bar and the neighboring ones were like 1/4 mile away, so I got to studiously ignore every drunk who staggered out and thought a girl waiting for a bus was highly amusing.

MonkeyGirl said...

Why else would you be standing on a street corner at that time of the morning? Duh! Some people never learn.

Ann said...

Below zero? Now that's just plain rude.

That bus driver? WTF? Uh, is he carrying a flask, by chance?

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that sucks, but hopefully you can feel better knowing that you gave me a much needed chuckle this morning!

Vicki said...

Hahahahahahaha! I hate that it's so cold (-2?!? I probably would have called in sick to work). And, hello, doesn't that bus driver pick you up everyday?

NV said...

Martha - It's good to laugh. I can laugh at it now, too. But yesterday? Not so much.

KarenAnne -- Wow! Our buses don't have official stops anymore. They pretty much pick you up and let you off wherever you want as long as it's not dangerous. I can't imagine having to wait outside a bar!

MG -- That's kinda what I was wondering, too!

Ann -- If he was, he didn't offer to share!

kspin -- ALWAYS glad to provide a laugh.

V -- No, not THAT driver. My regular driver is off on Mondays!