Monday, December 22, 2008

It Must Be Monday

Clearly, bus-riding on Mondays and winter weather don’t mix. This morning, my bus didn’t come.

Well of course it didn’t. Why would it? It’s Monday and it happens to be the coldest day of the year – a whopping 4 degrees with a wind chill factor of -12. Again, Mother Nature being all beoch-y on a Monday. This is starting to become a very annoying habit of hers.

Luckily, I drove to the bus station today because I have to pick up some things tonight. I figured that would save me some time tonight and some time in the cold this morning. How right I was!
The good news is that it’s supposed to warm up after today. THANK GOD!

I know I shouldn’t complain. It’s much colder in other parts of the country and some of you have snow to contend with on top of it. (That would be the last straw for me at this point. I would cry.) Then there’s the tens of thousands in the northeast who STILL don’t have power. I sure hope they can get them back online soon. It is just so miserably cold!

The house is slowly coming along. It’s hell when you’re trying to contend with tools and materials and you’re backlogged on just your general everyday stuff. I keep reminding the mother that we were waist-high in projects right up through early November. How could we be expected to remain caught up with day-to-day AND have the house immaculate? In short, the answer is we can’t. But the mother, who is a female Felix Unger when it comes to clean and neat, thinks we should be.

Me? I’m taking my everyday approach to holiday guests that I would at any other time of year. If they want to get technical about a job I did or something they think needs done, you know what? They can go home!


Kelli said...

Ooh, I feel your pain regarding unreliable buses. I got dropped off at my stop last Friday and there was a four foot mound of snow waiting for me. I hopped off the bus and ended up waist deep in the snow drift. Oh well, spring is coming, I promise!

MonkeyGirl said...

I know this is futile, but try to explain to the mother that your house is probably cleaner on a bad day than other people's house on a good day...or you can just clean so you don't have to listen to the aftermath!

NV said...

Kelli -- YIKES! I've never been dumped off in a snow drift -- yet.

MG -- Um, yeah. :-)

Anonymous said...