Monday, December 29, 2008

At This Hour

The mother, Ozzie, and Toby the Cat are all situated in different parts of the livingroom. All are asleep.

Toby is worn out after regifting onto the dining room throw rug some of the ribbon he ate last night before I could get it away from him. The mother is worn from our day of shopping. And Ozzie. Who knows why Ozzie is tired exactly.

Me? I'm still hangin' on somehow. I managed to get most of today's finds put away as well as started packing up some of the goodies I've collected to take to next month's Crop Camp. (For the scrapbooking-challenged, that's code for a weekend where women get together from Friday to Sunday, ostensibly to scrapbook. It's also about laughing, snacking, and taking a break from it all. In short, it's a damn good time. And, it's also what that countdown clock over in the right-hand margin is counting down to.)

I'm still lagging pretty far behind in getting ready for next weekend's big event, but I can hopefully rectify that within the next week. But, tomorrow it's back to the grind so I'd better go do something productive to prepare for that. Sigh.

(Reminding self to be grateful for job to return to.)


Why S? said...

I'm finally back to my old "past midnight" habits but I swear, it took me 3 full days to recover from my family's holiday visit. From 10 pm to 9 am, all I wanted to do was sleep.

I hope you're all having sweet dreams as I type this.

Vicki said...

I'm just laughing at what Toby did. My cats like to eat flower petals and puke them up...

I'm excited for your scrapbooking adventure!! I wish I could come...except for the cold part.