Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Day of Rest

Ahhhh. Sleep is SO underrated! I'm still a little sore today and even a little wobbly (could probably use a few more hours of z-time) but I do feel better.

The house is quiet. Both Ozzie and Toby the Cat are crashed. The mother and I are watching TV. We debated a shopping trip, but we'll do that tomorrow. Today is a day just to veg out on the couch methinks.

Hard to believe that at this time yesterday there were people all around this table. Now, it's quiet. It's nice to have the house, small though it may be, arranged so that people can GET all around this table. And from there, they can chatter back and forth with anyone in the livingroom. And there sure was a whole lot of that going on yesterday!

Part of the fun of entertaining is dragging out the holiday glassware. See this? This was a gift from my lovely assistant Donna, just in time for my holiday gathering! Isn't it just too cute with its little matching spreader?

I was able to fill it up with some great Wind &Willow dips -- of the red and green variety, of course. (White chocolate cherry and key lime pie. The key lime is probably my all-time favorite.) They're just so good and so perfect, especially this time of year.
You know, there's some of that left, too. I may have to grab me some graham cracker sticks and do a little snackin ...


Laura-Jane said...

That table is gorgeous!

C&C said...

Your dining room looks so perfect and cozy! Very beautiful! Isn't it great to have yummy party leftovers? I think that's part of the fun of having people over!

sewwhat? said...

I agree with Laura-Jane and C&amp:C said, it looks lovely, and I am glad to hear the celebration went well. but a quiet house is nice, and I took lots of naps today also!

Jayne said...

That Wind & Willow dip is yummy, isn't it? The pub here in town sells it and so does Baltimore Bend Vineyards. My favorite so far is the white chocolate cherry. Their chipotle dip's really good, too.

Renovation Therapy said...

plaid tablecloth and shutters on the it!

CyFree said...

I love the cozy, "Christmasey" and feel of your dining room... it reminds me of some childhood holidays at nana's.

NV said...

Laura-Jane -- Thanks.This was after all of the goodies were off of it!

C&C -- Thanks. Leftovers are the greatest, especially atthe holidays!

sewwhat -- Thank you! It did go well. And as fun as it was to have company, I was glad for the quiet!

Jayne -- Yeah, their line of stuff is wicked good! The white choc cherry is also the mother's fave.

RenovTher -- You'd love all the other windows then, too. Every last one, save two small ones in the laundry room, has shutters. And I put them in there!

CyFree -- Thanks! It's definitely pretty cozy but it all seems to work.