Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Delayed Decorating

Today’s scene is a lot different than yesterday’s, that’s for sure! Where it was ice, today it’s only rain as it’s about 10 degrees warmer already this morning. We’re going over 50 again today, but it’s supposed to rain on and off throughout the day, with temperatures plummeting between afternoon and evening.

Snow is on tap for tonight, though they say it’s not supposed to amount to much. I guess we’ll see. All I know is that if it doesn’t dry up any before it hits the low of 26 this evening, it’s going to be a skating rink again.

So that’s put a damper on outdoor decorating. I still need to get a smaller outdoor cord (I’m thinking 25 feet, like one I saw in this week’s Target ad) and I’ll need to get some of those clips, too, to see if I can tuck it up along the bottom of the siding as the mother doesn’t want it on the ground. That will get my two lighted trees hooked up on the porch.

While I unloaded the extra bricks we bought last weekend – so I could make squares in the two bare middle patches along the front to match the ones currently on either sides – they were frozen in yesterday’s adventures in ice and now they’re in small pools of water. Then, I need to unload the marble chip that will be placed in pots to keep those sorry ass Martha Stewart trees in place. Those won’t be lit. Then, those pots will go on those squares.

And then, there’s even something else to get lit up beneath the carport. But all that stuff is contingent on the weather. It has to dry out and warm up a little first. Luckily, that is supposed to happen later in the week – and I’m off on Friday!

The problem child then in this little misadventure are two wreaths. The mother wanted to light them with battery-pack lights. We have some tiny, tiny sets of which you’d need at least two for each wreath. We found some slightly bigger light packs for $1/set. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

Because they take two C batteries, the packs that energize them are heavier than hell. That’s going to make them really tough to attach to the wreath and the complicate getting the wreath to hang on the door. Not all the lights work. And, if you jiggle the poorly-constructed powerbox too much, none of them will work. Frustrating.

I guess I have to be a victim of Walgreens then and their prices, as that’s the only place I’ve seen the other tiny light sets (that take AA batteries) like we had before. At least I know those work and they’ll be lots easier to manage.


Vicki said...

It sounds like those wreathes are a big accident waiting to happen. Are they worth all that trouble? Your answer is probably different than mine ;)

Marble chips for the trees. I'm going to have to try that! Or some other stone type weight. I hadn't figured out how to weigh my stupid trees down. So right now they're hiding out in the garage instead of being beautifully on display...

Karen Anne said...

What clips? I have a couple of places where phone cord is dangling down from the siding over the foundation, but I have hesitated to try to fasten it up, not having figured out how to do that in any way that is unlikely to result in damage to the cord.

sewwhat? said...

I got some last year at Garden Ridge, I may have a couple of extra sets. I used them on a costume for Christmas Carol, they lit up fine, but the actress had to tuck all those C batteries in her bosom! These weren't $1, so they were a little more reliable.

Anonymous said...