Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Than I Bargained For

Why is it that when you expect mundane and regular you get extraordinary -- but not in a good way? That's what happened to me today.

I had what was supposed to be a routine dental visit. I lost a filling Saturday night. I waned to get it put back. Should be a quick in and out, right? Since I tried to get the soonest appointment I could, and one that would have the least impact on work, I got an early morning appointment. Got in at 8:30. That gave me a little time to sleep in today AND time to drop in the nearby Kmart and pick up a few things they had on sale. (Including more of the garland the mother bought yesterday as decorating now has become a priority.)

Made it out of the store and into the dentist's office right on time. First, I had to fill out a myriad of forms because 1) my dentist is now gone and 2) I hadn't been there in a while. It was ridiculous. The form I filled out contained the same information as the one they had on file and handed to me. The only difference was I had new insurance. Shouldn't copying the card take care of that? No.

So, I was then greeted by a dental assistant and then a dental hygienist and finally, the dentist. Did I want 56 different treatments? No. I wanted my tooth filled. With it being December though, I still had a full year's dental benefits to spend. Let's just say that I put a nice dent in it and that my Christmas to me is in my mouth.

To do the procedure that was recommended as step 1 for a permanent solution to the tooth I wanted fixed, required numbing my ENTIRE FACE. So many drugs, and hitting a major nerve directly, caused me some grief. My blood pressure shot up and then plummeted. Ultimately, I got very ill and they kept me for a while to make sure I was OK.

One of the shots they gave me, the one that hit the nerve directly, was like getting an electric shock that ran from jaw to forehead.. That is what sent my heart racing. I know it is. Of course, she only told me this AFTER the shot: "Sometimes when you hit a nerve in more 'petite' people, it's like a live wire."

Gee. Thanks for the warning.

So, more than three hours later, I was wrapped up. After, of course, getting an assessment for more work that would cost me nearly half of a really nice used car.

So I get the joy of going back next week to see if everything went well -- and to pick up something for Part II of my treatment.

Oh. Joys.


cd said...

OOOOOOUCH! I can barely stand a cleaning much less a major procedure. Sounds like you're on a liquid diet for awhile. There is bright side to pimping your grill. At least you will not gain the 10 lbs most of us do during the holidays! Hang in there.

Ann said...

Good goddess, sounds like your BP really dropped out there! That's awful. Live wire indeed, geesh!

Jayne said...

I just want you to know that this post did nothing to help allay my terror of going to the dentist...

But seriously, I'm glad you're okay.

NV said...

CD -- Yeah, it's defnitely wiping at least a few days of holiday snacking off the calendar.

Ann -- Yeah. that part really sucked.

Jayne -- Sorry. Don't mean to freak you out. Getting numbed is almost always worse than the procedures themselves, at least for me.